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CAPTAIN SIR TOM MOORE: Artist unveils life-size statue of national hero

CAPTAIN SIR TOM MOORE: Artist unveils life-size statue of national hero

Image: SWNS

An artist has revealed a stunning life size statue of Captain Tom Moore made of solid bronze.

Tony Clark, 46, spent three months designing the 135kg tribute last year and hopes to eventually relocate it to the fundraising hero’s hometown.

The statue was unveiled to the public for the first time at a shopping centre in Leeds on Saturday.

And Tony is now asking for £50,000 to cover his team’s costs and has pledged to donate 10 per cent to charity.

The dad of two from the Colton area of Leeds said: “It is really satisfying and I’m proud of it.

Image: SWNS

“I didn’t make it myself, I’m the artistic creator and got some artists overseas to make it while I micromanaged from beginning to end.

“Originally it started in clay and from that made a mould into a resin version and from the resin version it was cast into bronze.

“I came up with the idea because I needed something to concentrate on last year as I struggled in the pandemic.

“I had completed a project for Leeds United with a bronze cast of their manager, so I wanted something else to focus on and I picked this just because I got a lot of inspiration and hope from what he did last year.

“We used still images from his walk and we found the artist to create them in 3D in April last year and he was finished in June.

“You can see his medals and everything is very detailed.

“It takes time and getting across exactly how you want it to the artist.

“I think it is a very fitting tribute to someone who raised so much money and touched so many people’s hearts.

“I have had a lot of good comments from people and sometimes people start crying when they see it.

“It’s crazy how much it means to them.

“I would like him to reside in Keighley, which is his birthplace in Yorkshire.”

Words: Jack Evans, South West News Service

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