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NEWS ROUNDUP: Cyclists discuss new infrastructure


19/05/21 | Leeds local news | A new Connecting Leeds film shows how Leeds locals are using new city cycling infrastructure linking North Leeds to East Leeds.

The East Leeds Orbital Route (ELOR) scheme along with other funding has delivered substantial cycling infrastructure from King Lane (North West) to just outside where the new ELOR will connect to the existing A6120 Outer Ring Road (Redhall).

The volunteers who appear in the new video are all local people who use their bikes for everyday activities such as shopping, school drop offs, and commuting. Some were new to cycling at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and decided to try cycling due to lower levels of traffic during lockdown. The segregated infrastructure shown in the film at Moortown roundabout offers safe crossing points away from motor vehicles.

Overall an additional 14kms ELOR scheme introduces new pedestrian, equestrian and cycling infrastructure to connect communities of North Leeds to East Leeds, linking into the new network at Redhall and run all the way to Manston Lane (East).

Cycle infrastructure in the area will be improved by connecting existing cycling routes and the creation of segregated cycle lanes. Pedestrians will also benefit from new walking routes and safer crossings.  All of which is a bid to make sustainable travel more appealing by improving public transport, walking and cycling connections and in turn contributing towards tackling the climate emergency.

The project is now in the final phase with the construction of a 7km route linking the existing ring road at Red Hall to Thorpe Park Junction 46 of the M1, a carriageway with pedestrian, equestrian and cycling infrastructure.

The scheme is set to complete autumn 2022. For more detailed plans, visit the website.



An 83-year-old has started doing volunteer work at her OWN care home - because the kind-hearted OAP wanted to help the hard-working staff there.

Maureen Townend recently surprised staff at Flower Park Care Home in Doncaster, South Yorks., by telling them she would like to be a care assistant.

She convinced them of her aptitude for the job and now lends a helping hand whenever she can by folding towels and sheets and setting the tables for dinner.

One of Maureen’s favourite and most important duties is to hand out slices of cake to the residents in the afternoons and make sure their teacups are full.

Fantastic photos show the retired receptionist, originally from Rotherham, donning her blue overalls and apron as she sees to her friends and fellow residents.

Maureen, a widow and mum-of-one, said: “I like to be busy and I love helping people. I might not always be fit enough to be busy.

“I don’t want a job but I like to volunteer and help. I don’t mind making cups of tea and helping with what I can.

“I still like cleaning but not like I used to.

“I can’t do as much as I could when I was younger though and I like my rest sometimes as well."

Flower Park Care Home deputy manager Danielle Savage described Maureen, who has been at the home since March last year, as “very fit, healthy and active”.

She added: “She’s definitely a bit of a character and likes to take the lead. Maureen’s very well known to the other residents.

“As a person, Maureen prefers to be on the go constantly, she likes to be doing stuff.

“I think it worries her that if she ever stops going that’s when she’ll decline, so she likes to keep going and keep her mind stimulated.

“While she’s doing it she brings a smile to everyone’s faces. She makes the residents smile, she makes the staff smile and she’s making herself happy.

“For us as a home, it’s nice to see her making her own choices. She’s amazing.

“Some people as an activity would choose to sit and do bingo but for Maureen what she enjoys to do is help others.

“Being busy and useful gives her a sense of purpose.”

Danielle said she was handing out medication on April 28 when Maureen approached her and said she would like to be a care assistant.

She added: “I told her carers work very long hours and are on their feet for 12 hours at a time sometimes.

“I said maybe it’s time for her to be looked after; however, she still wanted to keep busy so I said she could help us out with a volunteering role.

“She was really happy.

“Then I went into the cupboard and got her a uniform out so she felt part of the team, which she absolutely loved.

“She’s had it on every day since then.

“Maureen really steps up to the mark when she’s got her uniform on bless her, she takes pride in what she does.

“She loves going round and socialising with the other residents and giving them cake and cups of tea.

“Now the other residents are used to her doing it and I think they look forward to that part of the day when she’s helping out.”

Danielle added that when Maureen’s daily duties are taken care of she likes to sit down with a cup of tea and some chocolate.

She said: “We’re all so proud of her. She’s loved by everyone in the care home and she’s a pleasure to have.”

(SWNS | Barnaby Kellaway)

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