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NEWS ROUNDUP: Indoor bars return and twin surprise


18/05/21 | Leeds local news | Showtime bar in Huddersfield wasted no time in continuing business as usual - by opening their doors at 12am on Monday 17th.

Cheerful photos and a video taken inside the bar, which last opened for people to have a pint indoors in November, show delighted drinkers chinking their glasses together to toast the memorable moment.

Showtime co-founder Ian Snowball, 61, said: "It's been a difficult time for everyone so we wanted to get back as soon as we could.

"It's great to see everyone getting back to normal, with a smile on their faces and a drink in their hands."

The easing of restrictions has also enabled galleries, theatres, sports stadiums, cinemas and soft play centres in England to reopen.

Holiday flights abroad to some countries are restarting, while loved ones not in the same bubble can once again hug each other.

(SWNS | Barnaby Kellaway)



This is the moment a couple revealed they had secretly been pregnant with twins - surprising their family with TWO babies instead of one.

Jo-Anne and Charles Ellis told their family and friends they were only expecting one child - and even got sonographers to do separate scan pics to keep the secret.

The 29-year-old mum wore really baggy jumpers throughout her pregnancy to hide her larger-than-usual bump.

Loved ones thought the surprise was going to be the gender of one baby and were all gobsmacked when they were introduced to TWO little ones - twins Freddie and Ryder.

Jo-Anne and Charles, 30, who already had four boys, recorded the reactions - which ranged from tears to stunned silences.

The tots, now five-months-old, join brothers Joey, one, twins Riley and Lucas, three, and Charlie, six.

Jo-Anne from Bradford, Yorkshire, said: “It was really exciting and so funny.

“They were all asking what sex and when we wouldn’t say they all thought we were going to show them a girl.

“My mum and Charles’s gran were the funniest.

“Mum cried after she got over the shock.

“Charles’s granddad thought we had a toy baby in a car seat - that was great.

“Charles’s gran was like ‘which one is yours?' That was brilliant.

"It was such a relief to be able to tell them and not keep the secret anymore."

Jo-Anne had been told she might need IVF to conceive after an ovarian cyst caused one of her ovaries to twist and die when she was 17, but she never has.

She added: "Our first scan was at seven weeks because I had some pain.

“It only showed one baby and we showed it to our parents.

“Two weeks later they saw the other but we got a picture of just one at each scan.

“The doctors thought it was really funny and most of them asked to see the reveal videos.

“Everyone thought we were doing it because we were having a girl so they didn’t suspect

“I was so excited I always said I wanted a second set of twins.

“I couldn’t believe it when I first got pregnant.

“I have the same midwife every time and she’s always like, ‘I’ll see you next year'."

The nursery assistant, and Charles, a warehouse manager, welcomed the twins on November 17, 2020.

The gang get through a staggering 16 litres of milk a week and mum and dad had to buy a mini bus.

(SWNS | Kate Pounds)

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