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NEWS ROUNDUP: Leeds litter stats


20/08/21 | Leeds local news - litter | Leeds City Council issued more than £60,000 in on-the-spot littering fines in just three months, new data has revealed.

Despite the pandemic’s affects on footfall throughout the city, exactly 698 littering fines were issued on behalf of the council by environmental enforcement agency 3GS during April, May and June this year.

Each fine was worth either £80 or £100, and added up to a total of £63,240 in fines.

The statistics, which were published by the council via the Datamill North website, show only 449 of these fines have yet been paid, meaning only £38,520 has been collected by the authority.

Those fines which are yet to be paid are either listed as “prosecution underway” or “prosecution pending”.

The figures represent a gigantic increase in the number of fixed penalty notices issued for littering in the first three months of 2021, which amounted to just 13, at a total value of £1,160. The total number of litter fines issued on behalf of the council during the whole of 2020 was 2,269, at a total value of £203,320.

Some of the locations in which people are most regularly fined for littering include Briggate, Lands Lane, The Headrow, Merrion Street and Calverley Street.

Leeds City Council charges a fixed penalty notice of £100 for those caught littering, or £80 if you pay within 10 days.

3GS describes itself on its website as “a specialist service provider, focussed on the provision of environmental enforcement, aligning our service delivery standards to that of UK Policing.”

(LDRS | Richard Beecham)



A time capsule with a range of touching mementoes has been buried beside a tall willow tree on the site of the £20million new mental health unit, Red Kite View, in Armley, Leeds.

The objects inside the capsule were created by young service users of the futuristic building which is set to be home to the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Service (CYPHMS) for West Yorkshire when it is opened by the Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust later this year.

They were chosen to mark the past and celebrate the future of the service and include a staff ‘family tree’, a painted Covid face mask, a collage of today’s fashions, current coins, and a crocheted ‘2021’ on a sunflower.

Dawn Hanwell, Deputy Chief Executive of the Trust, said: “This building and this service is all about young people, and so it’s very appropriate that they should have chosen the items that have gone into the capsule. The items won’t see the light of day for 50 years – but they are a thoughtful and very touching representation of how our young service users see how we work with them.

“Red Kite View will be more than just a building. The service helps young people with complex mental health issues, and aims to help them return to the community where young people should be, living their lives and thriving.”

Sophie Brown, activities co-ordinator for the service, said the young people felt proud to contribute to the new building. “They chose these items to give an insight into our ways and times to future generations. Our young people shared in laughter whilst making the objects and expressed an interest in how the new unit would be run in 50 years time. Some even expressed a wish to be present when the capsule is eventually opened!”



A pair of golfing pals were astonished when they both got a hole in one in succession - breaking 17 million to one odds.

David Giles, 48, was playing in a duo against two colleagues when he scored a hole in one on the seventh tee.

After an excited celebration, the group of businessmen couldn't believe it when his tam mate Chris Bunce, 51, took the next shot and scored a hole in one using the same club.

The odds of scoring two hole in ones back to back are 17 million to one and made the game truly one to remember for the duo.

It was the first ever hole in one for David's manager Chris, from Southend, Essex, who has only been playing golf for a year.

The super shot at The Oaks Golf Club in York was David's second ever hole in one and the pair both used the same eight iron.

District manager David, from Howden, East Riding of Yorkshire, said: "It was an unbelievable event.

"To get one hole in one is amazing, but to get two with one straight after the other was just incredible - it's a 17 million to one chance event.

"I was over the moon with my hole in one and once we had calmed down, who would have ever thought another was about to follow!

"We had two witnesses who were playing with us and we were all just left speechless.

"There was plenty of laughing, swearing and high fives all round - what a game!"

The pair each scored a hole in one after hitting the ball 146 yards from the tee on the seventh hole on August 3.

David said: "When I got my hole in one, my three playing partners were all as shocked and pleased as me to see the shot go in.

"Little did we know what was about to happen with Chris next on the tee!

"We were all stunned at what had happened. We were all just gobsmacked at what we'd done, unbelievable!"

David's co-worker Garry Marsh, who had been playing with the two men, added: "I was just absolutely stunned. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"I'd never seen a hole in one in the flesh, so to speak, so to see two on the same hole on the same round was absolutely fantastic.

"I also enjoyed the pint I was bought afterwards too!"

(SWNS | Charlotte Penketh-King)

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