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NEWS ROUNDUP: Leeds local plan update


20/07/21 | Leeds local news | Leeds City Council is encouraging residents and businesses to have their say on its draft Local Plan Update, which will set out the authority’s approach to planning policy and new development across the district over the next decade and beyond.

The draft Local Plan Update is titled ‘Your Neighbourhood, Your City, Your Planet’.  Although it is not intended to deal with all planning issues, it will focus on ways we can shape planning policy to reduce our city’s impact on the environment and help achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The draft plan is based around five topic areas:

  • Carbon reduction - changing the way buildings are built, and how we generate renewable energy.
  • Flood risk - making our communities resilient to the impact of flooding, one of the most direct impacts of climate change that Leeds faces.
  • Green infrastructure - making the most of our green spaces and natural environment, to help improve the health and well-being of our citizens.
  • Place-making – guiding new development to places that offer the best opportunities for active travel and public transport, health & well-being and making the best use of communities’ assets to create ’20-minute neighbourhoods’ where people want to live, work and play.
  • Sustainable infrastructure – integrating low emissions transport and improved digital connectivity, helping reduce journeys by car.

Cllr Helen Hayden, Leeds City Council’s Executive Member for Climate and Infrastructure, said: “The Local Plan plays a key role in setting out our city’s planning policies for the long-term future, and we believe that the climate emergency should be at the forefront of our thinking.  That’s why we are updating those parts of the Plan as a priority.”

“Becoming carbon neutral by 2030 is a massive task which needs a sustained effort from everyone across our city, and some big changes to our policies. At the same time as saving carbon we can also build healthier places, make space for nature and protect ourselves from flooding.  Feedback from residents and businesses is vitally important in creating a better and greener city for everyone.

“We are really keen to hear people’s feedback on the draft Local Plan update, including whether people agree or disagree with our general approach around the five topics and whether there is more we could do to achieve our goals.”

Have your say in different ways

Consultation on the draft Local Plan update will take place from 19 July to 13 September.

The dedicated website www.leeds.gov.uk/lpu is home to all the information contained within the draft Local Plan. This includes separate sections for the different topic areas, which are available in detailed and short formats.



A fascinating time capsule containing a trove of personal items which belonged to a WW2 hero who died without any family has been discovered buried in his old garden.

Infantryman Geoffrey Ambler-Shaw concealed the capsule in 1994, half a century after fighting in the Battle of Monte Cassino, one of the bloodiest of the war.

Called up in 1943 to the Duke of Wellington's Regiment, Geoffrey transferred later that year to the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment.

In 1944, he fought in the Battle of Monte Cassino which saw more than 55,000 allied casualties.

An only child who never married, Geoffrey is thought to have buried his possessions so they could be enjoyed by a new generation, before passing away at the age of 94 in 2019.

Developers recently began work on the bungalow and unearthed the capsule while removing trees in the back garden, before it was passed on to current homeowner Phil Slater.

Geoffrey placed a typewritten note inside the capsule for the eventual finder, reading: “I hope that the personal memorabilia of a past era contained in this time capsule will be of interest.

“I wish you & yours every good wish for peace, health and prosperity.”

After delving inside the container, Phil, from Boston Spa, West Yorks., was elated to find photos, souvenirs, call-up papers, medical notes and telegrams.

He has investigated the items and managed to piece together a brief history of Geoffrey’s colourful life, which he describes as “fascinating”.

Phil said: “It’s a remarkable find and something that’s been fascinating to look into.

“We’ve managed to piece together a number of things about Geoffrey’s life and as far as we can tell he seems to have been a true gentleman.

“He fought bravely in the war and went on to be an intelligent, distinguished man.”

He added: “It’s rather sad that Geoffrey had to bury his things like this, as normally items like these would passed down the generations.

“However, it doesn’t seem like he had any relatives and so did this instead.

“While he probably didn’t think the capsule would be discovered quite so soon, I’m very grateful to have found it.”

Phil, with the help of a fellow retired copper, worked out Geoffrey was involved in the invasions of both Sicily and Italy, as well as the bloody battles around Monte Cassino.

In 1944 his regiment entered Florence via the famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge, and carried on fighting until he caught dysentery and was hospitalised before returning to the front.

Geoffrey later joined the Palestinian police and was posted to Haifa at the end of 1944, returning to England in 1948.

After leaving service, he worked as an insurance broker.

Andrew, who has collated some of the memorabilia into a folder and provided it to the Royal British Legion, said Geoffrey also appears to have been a “keen actor”.

He appeared in several amateur films including Midway (1954), The Red Baron (1991) and Gunfighter (1982).

The time capsule also contains images of Geoffrey’s father, Herbert, who served in World War One, but it’s not thought he had any surviving family members by the time he died.

Neighbours in Boston Spa describe him as “a very private man who was always immaculately dressed”.

His haul has been donated to the Royal British Legion.

Yorkshire area manager Debbie Harding said: “We are very grateful to Phil for passing on this treasure trove of memorabilia.

“Geoffrey clearly wanted people to learn more about his time in service, so we will find a good home for this time capsule at a military museum, to preserve these memories for future generations.”

(SWNS | Barnaby Kellaway)


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