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NEWS ROUNDUP: Leeds noise complaints rise


13/07/21 | Leeds local news - noise complaints | More than 4,000 official complaints about late night noise, such as barking, music and shouting, were made by Leeds residents in the first six months of 2021.

That’s according to new data released by Leeds City Council, which also shows the majority of its 7,941 noise complaints were made between 6pm and 3.30am.

According to data published to the datamill north website, 4,823 overnight noise complaints were made to the council between January 21 and June 21 2021.

The rate of complaints grew from just under 20 complaints made every night before the Covid-19 pandemic, to nearly 32.

Complaints about loud or annoying music form the majority of complaints, with 2,499 of the total number, while “shouting” (731) and “banging” (351) also featured in the complaints.

Despite the majority of the period from January to June 2021 being under lockdown restrictions, there were 653 noise complaints about parties.

Due to the changing timeframes and ways noise complaints are reported, the latest figures were not able to be directly compared with previous years.

However, in the period between October 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020, only 3,636 out of hours noise complaints were made, a rate of just under 20 complaints per day.

A Leeds City Council spokesperson said: “We, along with our partners, are committed to using every tool at our disposal to tackle any form of noise nuisance in our communities.

“We have found that the number of calls received to our out of hours service regarding noise nuisance issues between January and May 2021 were broadly similar to the same period in the previous year. Our team take all complaints extremely seriously.

“We will always investigate any complaints made and take reasonable action where it is required.

“Following an investigation, a warning letter may be sent to the householder if the level of noise is found to be of a consistent and unacceptable level. In some cases, this can include the serving of an abatement notice, which requires steps to be taken by the householder in a reasonable timescale to reduce the noise.

“The council may then take further action if no steps are taken to reduce the noise which includes seizure of noise equipment, and/or criminal prosecution. With the police we will also regularly use the powers at our disposal to close properties to visitors where significant nuisance has occurred.

“The investigation of Covid-19 breach issues in residential properties is not in the remit of the council but working closely with the police we continue to take action where there are links to anti-social behaviour. In 2020/21, the Leeds Anti-social Behaviour team implemented an enhanced service in response to those areas that had seen both an increase in Covid-19 transmissions and rise in complaints.

“As always, we encourage residents to be considerate of their neighbours and socialise safely in line with current guidelines. We urge anyone experiencing any problems to contact us as soon as possible.”

(LDRS | Richard Beecham)



A retired train carriage was lowered into position at Huddersfield Station for local charity Platform 1, breathing new life into a Pacer train and giving it a new permanent home.

The 19-tonne carriage, was lifted into position overnight by a crane positioned on St George’s Street, hoisting it over the high wall into the station. The vehicle is the second of the retired trains to be delivered to community projects as part of the DfT’s ‘Transform a Pacer’ competition in the North of England - another vehicle was recently delivered to a primary school in Bradford to create a new science laboratory.

The competition means that after three decades of service to northern communities retired Pacer trains will now serve them in new and exciting ways focused on bringing the community together.

The train delivered to Platform 1 was provided by rolling stock company Porterbrook and has been in service since 1986, travelling over three million miles across the network in that time. It was installed with the help of Network Rail teams who managed the logistics of putting it into place. Network Rail also donated the railway sleepers for the pacer to sit on.



An 'exiled' albatross thought to be one of only a few in the northern hemisphere has reappeared on the Yorkshire coast - after being feared dead following an eagle attack.

Stunning pictures captured by Martin Jones, 61, show the black-browed albatross flying just a couple of feet off the Bempton Cliffs in East Yorkshire.

The loneliest bird in Europe was last seen off the Yorkshire coast nearly a year ago when it was looking for a gliding pal.

It is believed that the albatross travelled more than 8,000 miles from its home in the Falkland Islands in 2014 and has since been roaming European skies.

There have only been roughly 30 albatross sightings in the UK in recorded history and birders flocked to the beauty spot to snatch at the chance to see the rare bird.

The RSPB said the bird returned to socialise with the gannet colony at Flamborough Head, after surviving an attack from nine white-tailed eagles in Denmark.

The conservation charity said that the albatross was feared to have died following the attack between in May this year as it had not been seen since.

Matt Jones drove for nearly five hours from his home in Wales to see the ‘mystical’ bird.

He said: “The opportunity to see a bird so rare is unmissable.

“Getting these shots was incredible. The views I got were exceptional, I got so close.

“It’s the first one I’ve ever seen one, it’s a very rare occurrence.

“It’s a mystical and special bird.

“It was an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Albatrosses rely on wind to fly and use their gigantic wings to glide in the gusty southern air which is why they rarely make it through to the northern hemisphere as the equatorial air is extremely still.

On rare occasions the albatross may reach the northern hemisphere with only one such occurrence recorded every decade.

(SWNS | Joe Pagnelli)

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