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NEWS ROUNDUP: Leeds parks litter campaign


28/04/21 | LEEDS PARKS LITTER CAMPAIGN | Signage and banners urging visitors to please take their rubbish home or dispose of it in an appropriate way are now on display at a number of community parks and green spaces across Leeds.

Undertaken by Leeds City Council, the new campaign is in response to a significant rise in litter and rubbish seen across a number of the city’s 63 community parks in the past year. With parks and green spaces remaining open during all of the restrictions put in place to tackle coronavirus since March 2020, visitor numbers have increased significantly. With a number of coronavirus restrictions now relaxed and more proposed to follow in the next few months, the council is keen that this trend in increased littering does not continue, especially with summer now just round the corner. Various spells of recent good weather recently have already resulted in high levels of rubbish being left at a number of community parks and green spaces across the city. The council is again asking that visitors please bring bags with them to take their rubbish home or dispose of their rubbish in an appropriate and sensible manner. This will protect not only the parks but also animals and wildlife.

A similar stop littering campaign undertaken by the council in conjunction with Keep Britain Tidy was very well received last summer, and the council is hoping for similar success this year. The campaign is promoting the message that whilst enjoying the parks on offer and their many benefits in terms of both mental and physical health, visitors should always respect the green spaces.

Councillor Denise Ragan, Leeds City Council’s lead member for environment and active lifestyles, said:

“We are very proud of our parks and green spaces, which have been so important to people of all ages over the last year. Unfortunately we have seen a rise in litter along with increased visitor numbers to our parks across the city.

“This is the reason why we have started a campaign at a number of our parks to urge people to please take their rubbish home or dispose of it appropriately. I cannot emphasise enough how important this message is to keep our parks and green spaces looking fantastic and protect the wellbeing of animals and wildlife.

“The scenes we’ve seen at some parks, and the sheer volume of litter that has been left on these green spaces, is completely unacceptable. We need every single visitor to our community parks and green spaces to show personal responsibility and take their litter home or dispose of it acceptably. If you are planning to stay a while and bring food or drink or any other disposable items, please bring bags with you.

“I hope this campaign will help spread this vital message, especially as we approach the busy summer months.”



A top dog groomer famed for expert canine beauty techniques is giving HUMAN haircuts after being inundated with requests.

Corey Lockwood, 26, gave fellow worker Jasmine Brooke a tidy-up after she struggled to get a post-lockdown salon appointment.

Corey, a top trainer at Jollyes’ pamper and grooming spas, has developed a cult following on social media and his team carry out between 100-120 dog styling appointments each week.

Since lockdown restrictions were lifted, regular customers have asked if he could recreate his magic on their hair and carry out a short back and sides as their pooch gets a makeover.

While he has so far resisted chopping into clients’ barnets, he has given Jasmine’s fringe a trim - and she was so happy with the result she has already asked him to do it again.

Corey, who taught himself how to cut human hair by watching YouTube videos, said: "The phone’s been ringing off the hook since lockdown ended.

"We’re back-to-back with dog grooming appointments but it’s clear their owners are struggling to get their own hair chopped.

"To be honest, every owner who comes in is asking for their own haircut.

“I cut my brother's hair during lockdown because we live together and one of the girls from work asked me when we returned if I could trim her fringe and shave the sides of her hair.

“She couldn’t get an appointment in her salon for about six weeks after lockdown and to be fair, she was happy with it and said she will get me to do it again to save some money.”

Corey, dubbed the Nicky Clarke of the M62, has customers from as far as Manchester to visit the spa in Wakefield, West Yorks.

He said he loves the challenge of an owner who wants a specific cut for their dog and has created a Mohican for a Terrier-Cross and an afro on a Cockapoo.

The average time Corey and his team spend with a dog is around 90 minutes to two hours.

But when grooming for shows such as Crufts, he can spend anything up to three hours getting the dog looking pooch-perfect.

However, he said he prefers that to the pressure of cutting human hair, adding: “It’s much easier cutting girls' hair to be honest, as men’s hair has a lot more detail with the blending and shaving, but I will stick to dog grooming in future I think.

“Some owners have tried to get scissor-happy themselves during lockdown but secretly they know there’s no substitute for a professional.

“We can see that loads of people have got a dog for the first time during lockdown which means we’re now offering advice to new dog owners as to how to really maintain healthy grooming habits.”

Jasmine said: “I was so happy with Corey’s cut. I have managed to get booked in at my salon for a full cut and colour, but in between appointments I’ll definitely ask Corey to give me a little trim again.”

(SWNS | Ashley Pemberton)

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