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NEWS ROUNDUP: Marks and Spencer jobs and Tom Cruise in Yorkshire



Marks and Spencer is planning to create up to 300 jobs at a new automated warehouse within its Bradford distribution centre.

It’s aiming to grow the online side of its business, with the jobs set to be filled before the end of the year.



Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has been spotted filming the new Mission Impossible film in a tiny Yorkshire village.

The 58-year-old movie star waved and smiled at a group of onlookers and said the weather was ‘lovely’, before speeding off in a slick black BMW at around 10.30am yesterday (Mon).

Cruise is thought to be filming the seventh film in the Mission Impossible series, which has been delayed due to coronavirus.

Sarah Jones, 46, said it was a ‘lovely surprise’ to see the actor arrive by helicopter while she was on her daily walk with her dog.

She said the actor was ‘extremely friendly’ and waved at the group of dog walkers who happened to be on the same field in Pickering, North Yorks., during his landing.

Sarah, who runs Pear Tree House Bed & Breakfast nearby, said it was thrilling to see the Top Gun star, as it’s one of her favourite films.

She said: “It was very exciting, Chris wanted to see the helicopter but I wanted to see who it was.

“Tom Cruise is one of the few celebrities I could ever recognise so I was so excited to see him.

“I don’t think he’s ever been met by a group of dog walkers before. He was very friendly, he waved and said hello and said he was pleased to be here and said the weather was lovely.

“It was a lovely surprise.

“We didn’t know it was going to be Tom Cruise until he walked out of the helicopter.

“He landed in a field in Pickering of all places - you don’t get that every day.”

Sarah had been on a walk with her husband Christopher, 47, who was attracted by the sound of the helicopter propellers whirring in the distance.

She added: “We were joking about seeing Tom Cruise one moment, the next he was just walking in a field next to us.

“Pickering is a small market time, it’s not something we expected to see.”

(SWNS | Joe Pagnelli)



A Humboldt penguin thought to be the oldest in the world is on the verge of celebrating her 31st birthday - more than double her life expectancy.

Rosie the Humboldt has lived at the same zoo in Yorkshire ever since arriving in the UK back in 1990.

Most penguins of her kind only live for around 15 years, but Rosie surpassed that age long ago - and is still fighting fit today.

Now staff at Sewerby Hall and Gardens just outside Bridlington are planning to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday (Apr 20),

Rosie's 30th birthday celebrations were shelved last year due to lockdown, but the gardens can welcome visitors this year.

And staff plan to make Rosie "the centre of attention" for her big day.

Head zoo keeper John Pickering, who was working at the East Yorkshire facility when Rosie arrived in 1990, said: “I am delighted that we can have visitors in the zoo this year to see Rosie on her big day, unlike on her 30th birthday last year.

"We can’t organise a big event for her under the current circumstances, but we will make sure that she is well cared for on the day and the centre of attention!

“She is a grand old lady – the life expectancy of Humboldt penguins in the wild is 15-20.

"Rosie has been with us since 1990, and has successfully hatched chicks over the years.”

Rosie was bred in captivity but moved to East Yorkshire soon after as part of Sewerby Hall and Gardens' breeding programme.

She has lived in the zoo ever since with her companions Dion, Pingu and Penny.

Humboldt penguins are classed as vulnerable to extinction in the wild, because of changes in climate and over-fishing of their preferred prey species.

They are South American penguins and live mainly in the north of Chile.

They nest on islands and rocky coasts, burrowing holes in guano and sometimes using scrapes or caves.

In South America the Humboldt penguin is found only along the Pacific coast.

The zoo, now open again after restrictions were lifted, is open daily from 10am – 4.30pm.

(SWNS | Ashley Pemberton)

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