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NEWS ROUNDUP: Power station plans


A former power station in east Leeds could soon become one of the district’s major industrial estates, according to new documents submitted to Leeds City Council.

According to new proposals from developers Harworth, the site of Skelton Grange Power Station could soon become nearly 75,000 square metres of “industrial, storage or distribution” space.

This would comprise of five separate buildings over a 20 hectare site.

The area is home to the former coal-fired power station which was demolished in the 1990s and has sat empty ever since. Other parts of the site have seen approval for energy-from-waste and battery storage facilities, all expected to be up and running in the next couple of years.

According to the developers’ design and access statement, sent to council planners earlier this month, the development would consist of around 80 per cent industrial use, with the remaining fifth of the site used for access and infrastructure.

The developers said: “The proposals will provide a high quality employment park which will deliver substantial socio-economic benefits and enhance the site and surrounding area.”

More detailed aspects of the plans, including the materials and specific building designs are set to be addressed in a later version of the plans, known as reserved matters.

The period for comments to be submitted to the council ends on January 28, 2022, with a final decision expected to be made in mid-March.

(LDRS | Richard Beecham)


A West Yorkshire Police operation that has dealt with thousands of dangerous drivers in Leeds has been extended for another 12 months, thanks to a commitment of £67,000 in funding from Leeds City Council.


Operation SPARC (Supporting Partnership Action to Reduce Road Casualties) was developed in partnership with West Yorkshire Police (Leeds District) in response to an increase in anti-social driving complaints from residents.

The operation focuses on targeting anti-social driving and the driving offences most associated with victims being killed or seriously injured. The initiative aims to prevent dangerous driving and improve road safety in Leeds.

Specialist roads policing officers target motorists who are speeding, using a handheld mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. People who drive aggressively, with vehicle defects or without third party insurance will also face enforcement.

The off-road motorbike team of specially trained police officers target areas with high levels of anti-social driving and the illegal use of quad bikes and motorbikes.

Since launching in July 2020, police officers have dealt with 2,692 drivers. This includes 696 seatbelt offences and 506 speeding offences. The off-road motorbike team have dealt with 141 offenders. The operation was nominated for an outstanding contribution to roads policing award in the West Yorkshire Police Awards 2021.

Following the successful pilot, the new funding enables the project to continue for another 12 months.

Councillor Helen Hayden, Leeds City Council executive member for infrastructure and climate, said:

“Our partnership with West Yorkshire Police is improving road safety across Leeds so I’m pleased we have secured funding to continue Operation SPARC. The project makes our roads safer for local communities, including children and vulnerable people, by targeting dangerous and anti-social driving.

“Our ambition is to create a city where you don’t need a car, as set out in the Connecting Leeds transport strategy, by improving road safety to make it easier for people to walk and cycle.

"Building new infrastructure and preventing dangerous driving are important steps in creating an environment where we feel comfortable using active and sustainable modes of transport.”

Chief Inspector Andy Loftus, West Yorkshire Police - Leeds Safer Roads Partnership, said:

“This further funding allows us to continue our increased partnership focus on reducing collisions involving deaths and serious injury on our roads, which is excellent news for our communities.

“The SPARC initiative has brought some really significant results by using an evidence-based approach to pinpoint the areas where the issues are greatest to target proactive operations in those areas.

“We will be building on that success over the next twelve months to further co-ordinate our work to make our roads and communities safer for everyone.”


A buzzard that was hit by a car had to be freed by RSPCA rescuers after it became stuck - behind the radiator grill of the motor.

The bird of prey was struck by a female driver who later realised it was stuck in her Jaguar.

The unnamed woman had been travelling home in Harrogate, North Yorks., when she felt a bump as she drove.

The next day she noticed the bird had become trapped after breaking through the grill, but was miraculously still alive.

She frantically called round mechanics to see if they could remove the bumper and free the buzzard but was struggling to get help so called the RSPCA.

Inspector Claire Little said: “She thought the car had hit something and she then found the bird stuck in the car grill - who was miraculously still alive.

“I went along and was able to carefully remove the bird from the front grill of the car by removing some parts.

“I then checked her over and amazingly she didn’t seem injured - she just had a few ruffled feathers but no cuts on her body.”

The plucky buzzard was taken into the care of a wildlife specialist and she was able to fly later that day.

Her condition was monitored and then she was released back into the wild on New Year’s Day, the animal charity said.

Claire added: “She was a little shocked at first but wasn’t displaying any signs of injury. I think she just had some concussion but she seemed to recover well.

"It was a great moment to watch her happily fly off as I released her - and I caught the heart-warming moment on video.

“The RSPCA is the only charity with teams out rescuing animals across England and Wales this winter.

"We have to be there for all kinds of animals who need help, including wildlife like this buzzard."

(SWNS | Ashley Pemberton)

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