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NEWS ROUNDUP: Sheffield anti-gun campaign


Crimestoppers have launched a major campaign in Sheffield as it appeals for anonymous information about recent and historic shootings.

The campaign is in response to a spate of firearms attacks – some of which have been fatal - that have taken place in the city.  Many of these attacks are linked to rival drug gangs and drug dealing, but innocent bystanders have witnessed these attacks too.

Crimestoppers – which is independent of the police - received over 6,000 pieces of anonymous information from people in South Yorkshire over the past year. This led to a number of guns being seized and arrests being made, which helps to keep people and communities safe from harm, and to ensure justice is given to victims and families.

Everyone who contacts Crimestoppers – either by phone on 0800 555 111 or via crimestoppers-uk.org - stays 100% anonymous. Always. The charity has kept this guarantee since Crimestoppers began in the late 1980s.

Gemma Gibbs, South Yorkshire Regional Manager at the charity Crimestoppers, said: “Guns cause enormous harm to not only individuals, but also the wider area as threats and intimidation prevent people and communities from living safe and rewarding lives.

“Keeping our communities, families and streets safe is a top priority. We all have a role to play in helping put a stop to shootings on our streets and this is especially so if we know who’s involved. You can help make a big difference. If you prefer not to talk directly to the authorities, then our charity is here for you. We need information on who is carrying out these shootings, where the weapons and bullets are stored, descriptions of people involved, and the vehicles they use. We take all information seriously and your information could be vital.

“Those who carry out gun attacks rely on the myth that no one should `grass’, as it suits them to build up a wall of fear to avoid being caught. They have no respect for life or the damage they cause to families and communities. So, please do the right thing and contact Crimestoppers. You’ll be helping to bring peace to our streets and communities and helping to stop violence in its tracks whilst staying 100% anonymous. Always.”

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner added: “The priority for police is to keep people safe and this is done best when they work in communities and with communities.

 “That means people engaging with police or Crimestoppers. Your observation or piece of information may be the missing piece of the jigsaw and may be the key to police bringing an offender before the courts.”

 If you have any information about crime across Sheffield and South Yorkshire and prefer not to speak directly to the authorities, then contact the charity Crimestoppers 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111 or fill in a simple and secure Anonymous Online Form at www.crimestoppers-uk.org.



New homes will be built on underused land across the City of York, boosting the local economy and helping hardworking people and families get on the property ladder, Secretary of State for Levelling Up Michael Gove MP announced.

York has been awarded over £2.5m from the Government’s Brownfield Land Release Fund to deliver 97 new homes on underused land – part of the Government’s mission to regenerate and level up the country’s much-loved towns and cities.

The funding will help transform underused and in some case neglected Brownfield sites in the city into vibrant places for local people to live and work.

£211,000  worth of the funding will also go to support self and custom build projects such as the former Tang Hall Library which has been vacated for three years - subject to approval.

The library is set to become an affordable custom build development of six homes for a group of disabled adults with live-in carer accommodation.

In recent times the building has become increasingly dilapidated and subject to anti-social behaviour and the funding will transform the building into much-needed high quality, modern homes.

This funding commitment highlights the Government’s ambition to support the region, create new opportunities and deliver new homes for those who need it the most.

Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Michael Gove MP said:

Urban regeneration is central to levelling up the whole country and building new homes on neglected brownfield sites is a key part of this vision.

I am delighted that, through our Brownfield Release Fund, York will receive more than £2.5 million to help deliver housing across the region.

“The Government is delivering the new homes the country needs while prioritising brownfield sites, to revitalise our much-loved towns and cities.”



With trees one of the Government’s top priorities at COP 26, the UK risks failing to meet its carbon net zero ambitions unless more trees are planted, woodland restored and the condition of woods improved, warns the Woodland Trust.

The stark prediction comes just weeks before international climate change conference COP26 and on the eve of the launch of its third nationwide campaign – the Big Climate Fightback – to get people planting more trees.

The charity is sending more than 700,000 free native trees to schools and communities to kickstart an autumnal blitz on tree planting, with a further 680,000 trees available to apply for now to be planted next March.

In total, the Woodland Trust will be sending out nearly 1.4 million free trees* over the coming planting season to support the Big Climate Fightback, which is backed by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Dr Darren Moorcroft is chief executive of the Woodland Trust, which is aiming to establish 50 million new trees by 2025.

He said not enough trees have been planted in the past, but “things can change”.

“With recent decades warmer, wetter and sunnier than the 20th century and 2020 the third warmest on record, it is clear we are in a climate crisis, but we are in a nature crisis too,” Dr Moorcroft said.

“This is a dismal and sobering picture. Our woods are not in great shape, and we remain one of the least wooded countries at 13 per cent woodland cover, compared to 37 per cent in the rest of Europe.

“Without greater action, small and fragmented woods will remain that way and species will face extinction. But it is not too late – things can change.”

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