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NEWS ROUNDUP: Summer Reading Challenge


12/07/21 | Leeds local news | Leeds Libraries, in partnership with the Reading Agency, is encouraging more families than ever to get involved with reading over the summer holidays through the Summer Reading Challenge.

Now in its 22nd year, the Summer Reading Challenge inspires children to read for pleasure over the summer and tackle the dip in reading that happens over the school holidays.

The theme of this year’s challenge is ‘Wild World Heroes’, which has been developed in partnership with WWF and gets children thinking about the importance of the environment. By taking part in the challenge, children will be guided by six fictional Wild World Heroes that will help them discuss environmental issues and learn about nature along the way.

As part of the Summer Reading Challenge, children aged 4-11 and their families are encouraged to read or listen to six or more story books, fact books or poetry books, and complete a fun activity pack as they go. All books from the Wild World Heroes book collection can be borrowed for free from the library and children can collect a Wild World Heroes reward for each book they read. Every child that completes the challenge will be awarded a certificate and a gold medal.

To take part, families can sign up for free at their local library or by visiting the Summer Reading Challenge website.


This footage shows an incredibly talented young football fan perform insane trick shots.

Luca Reynolds is just 11-years-old and possess skill and talent far beyond his years.

Luca grew up watching his father Michael playing football and has been playing himself since he was in year one at primary school.

He began showing incredible flair and talent and proud dad Michael decided to start posting his son’s skills on social media.

Luca, from Bradford, has now amassed hundreds of thousands of views.

Video footage filmed over the last year and a half shows Luca performing a variety of hard football trick shots.

Michael, 37, said: “I played and love football so he has grown up with seeing me play and talk about it all the time.

“He was naturally a good dribbler from when he started in year one at school so when I taught him the easier skills he could pick them up very easily so I would challenge him with harder ones and he could learn them as well.

“The technical term is freestyle and panna for the tricks he learns.When he wants to learn a skill he can sometimes take up to an hour practicing it when it is a difficult skill. He is very patient.

“I love watching him pull off the skills, it makes me very proud but also I am in awe of his ability to do the skills.

“Luca enjoys the reactions the viewers have with their comments and loves it when they gain millions of views. He takes it all in his stride.”


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