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SINGLE PARENT HOLIDAYS: Over half of single parents haven’t had a proper holiday in over two years


Over half (56%) of single parents haven’t had a proper holiday in over two years

  • The pressure of being the sole, responsible adult is enough to make a quarter (26%) of single parents want to book another trip to recover straight away!
  • Because of this, around half (45%) of single parents prefer to book larger holiday rentals and travel with additional adults

Single parents have had to be everything over the past year; teachers, chefs, entertainers, parents and breadwinners. And with over half (56%) of these multi-tasking professionals not going on a proper holiday in over two years, needless to say, they deserve a break!

The traditional family holiday is changing. According to the latest research from Vrbo, an expert in family holiday rentals, more than half (54%) of single parents are planning a holiday with their kids this year. But when one parent is in charge of the kids, the planning and packing all on their own, there’s a lot to take into account to ensure the long overdue break is relaxing for ALL the family, including the parent.

A third of single parents stated they’ve previously postponed or even cancelled holidays because they felt they couldn’t manage going on their own, especially in unfamiliar surroundings, whilst over a quarter (26%) admitted a holiday alone with their kids leaves them feeling like they need to book another trip straight afterwards to recover!

Some of the biggest concerns for single parents when travelling alone with their kids include general safety (28%) and having to keep an eye on their little ones all the time (18%). While their top priority during the trip is to make sure their kids are entertained and having fun on their holiday (68%).

The hunt for the perfect place to stay is also not a simple feat, with over half (58%) stating they find it difficult to find accommodation that caters for their situation. To overcome these challenges and ensure the holiday is as much of a break for them as it is for the kids, many single parents opt to team up with other family members (74%), friends (32%) or other single parents (23%) and choose to stay in a holiday home with all the amenities they could possibly need, just with their loved ones.

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