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SPACE AGE: Household waste powers new generation of heating

SPACE AGE: Household waste powers new generation of heating

The entrance to St James Hospital, Image: Google Maps

St James’s Hospital, Quarry House and Trinity Academy will soon be connected to a space-age heat and hot water source – powered by household waste.

A recent expansion of the Leeds PIPES district heating network will, according to Leeds City Council, deliver a combined 7,200MW of sustainable heat a year to the three buildings, previously powered by gas boilers and storage heating.

The three buildings will receive low carbon heat and hot water created by the Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility in east Leeds, which recovers energy from the non-recyclable waste from around 6,000 Leeds households.

The  council claims the three buildings will “help tackle climate change” by saving 17,899 tonnes of carbon every year.

It follows St George House, which became the first commercial office space to benefit from the flagship Leeds PIPES network, as well as 1,983 inner city council homes and Leeds Playhouse, which are all already connected.

Coun Helen Hayden, Leeds City Council’s executive member for infrastructure and climate, said: “Since declaring a climate emergency we’ve made fantastic progress on delivering schemes and initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.

“Not only is district heating a worthwhile investment to help combat climate change, but it is also a smart investment for the city too. These new connections mean that the network will return more to the council than it costs us—helping to protect vital frontline services.”

Tim Saxon, the utilities lead manager for the Department for Work and pensions, said: “DWP is very pleased to be participating in this worthwhile scheme by connecting to the Leeds PIPES Network.

“The scheme will contribute greatly to our efforts in achieving our Greening Government Commitment targets by saving over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 at our Quarry House site per year.”

Kat Cafferky, principal at Trinity Academy Leeds said: “Having just opened in our fantastic brand-new school building on the outskirts of Leeds city centre, we are delighted to be part of the district heating network.

“Participating in this scheme has given us the unique opportunity to deliver a low carbon footprint for the school from day one. We are delighted to join other organisations in contributing to the vision of Leeds City Council and supporting their commitment to reduce the city’s direct emissions to net-zero by 2030.”


Words: Richard Beecham, Local Demcoracy Reporter

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