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VACCINE: Leeds district has one of the lowest second Covid dose rates in England

VACCINE: Leeds district has one of the lowest second Covid dose rates in England

Map of vaccinations around Leeds, Image: Government Website

An area of Leeds has the lowest full Covid-19 vaccination take-up rate in the whole of the North of England, according to recently-released government statistics.

The area classed as “Harehills South” on the government’s official Covid-19 heat-map shows that less than a third of over-16s living in the area have had a second dose of the vaccine.

Just 29 per cent of adults have had the second dose of the jab in south Harehills. This appears to be, according to the Government’s own Covid-19 vaccination map, the area with the lowest second dose take-up rate in the whole of the north of England.

The area also has the lowest rate in Leeds for first doses – at 37.2 per cent, while eight more areas in Leeds are currently seeing second dose rates at below 50 per cent, according to the data from the UK’s National Immunisation Management Database.

Leeds as a whole has seen a first dose given to 75.7 per cent of adults, and a second dose to 69.7 per cent.

According to Leeds City Council, there were 3,112 new Covid-19 cases recorded in the city last week. This was up by 202 cases from the week before, despite Yorkshire and the Humber as a whole seeing a decrease in cases overall.

Leeds City Council have been asked why the lack of second doses and what it is doing to encourage more to be taken up.

Victoria Eaton, the council’s director of public health said: “There continues to be widespread community transmission of Covid 19 in Leeds which is consistent with other cities and the fact that hospitalisations and deaths remain low is an encouraging sign the vaccine is doing its job.

“The ward rates remain very dynamic and fluctuate week by week. There has been a rise in cases seen in school settings, which are being well managed and do not at present appear to have resulted in any wider community transmission or an increase in hospitalised cases.

“This overall trend is being seen across the region and nationally. Leeds City Council continues to monitor all outbreaks closely with Public Health England. It is important to remember any rise in cases carries with it an increased risk among those who are vulnerable or who have not been vaccinated.

“In Leeds, as around the country, the vaccination programme is playing a vital role in reducing the impact of COVID. We need as many people as possible to be fully vaccinated so we can protect ourselves, our families and communities from serious illness.

“Please also remember that with the virus still circulating, it’s important to take sensible precautions, including washing your hands regularly, wearing a face covering in crowded places and keeping your distance where possible.”

Worst areas in Leeds for doses:

Cross Flats Park and Garnets – first dose = 48.1 per cent – second dose = 40.5
Leeds City Centre – 1 = 42.3 – 2 = 34.9
Woodhouse and Little London – 1 = 43.6 – 2 = 36.3
University and Little Woodhouse – 1 = 40.8 – 2 = 33.9
Harehills South – 1 = 37.2 – 2 = 29.0
Harehills North – 1 = 45.9 – 2 = 36.8
Chapel Allerton South and Chapeltown – 1 = 56.6 – 2 = 48.9
Burmantofts – 1 = 53.5 – 2 = 45.7
Lincoln Green and St James – 1 = 51.0 – 2 = 42.3


Words: Richard Beecham, Local Democracy Reporter

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