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Your Yorkshire Creative Corner | Andy Ruddy - Musician

Your Yorkshire recently launched a ‘Creative Corner’ to provide a platform for your creations. Are you a painter, poet, musician or maker? If you’d like to be featured, email live@leedslocal.tv.

Andy Ruddy is a 31-year-old singer-songwriter from Bradford, currently working for the charity 'Give A Song' performing to vulnerable people in lockdown.

In 2015 he released his debut album ‘Everything Is In Order’ with the help of ex-Shed Seven musician Fraser Smith. It was a surprise hit, peaking at No.6 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart.

The following year he was nominated for ‘Best Unsigned Male’ at the Best of British Unsigned Music Awards and by 2018 had released his second album ‘Vital Signs’, which charted at No.12.

His more recent music has featured on the series finale of BBC1’s 'The Syndicate' and it has been played at Bradford City, his beloved home team.

Andy has collaborated with Serious Child and they are now celebrating the release of their brand-new album ‘talk about the weather’ with a UK tour.

talk about the weather, is a unique and fascinating project that has seen two artists of different generations and musical backgrounds, come together and explore what unites people of different age groups in British contemporary music. For the songs, they had a basic rule – each one had to be about something. A topic, or an emotion, that appealed them and would be of interest to other people of all different age groups.
Due to the COVID-19 restrictions the album was written completely interactively on Zoom and Google Docs across 8 months of Thursdays. The actual recording of the album also provided some challenges which included Andy having to sing his parts in a wardrobe surrounded by his partner’s coats! Rock n Roll!
The latest single to be taken from the forthcoming album is all my friends are famous. Andy Ruddy explains its origins: -
“I had the misfortune of catching a few tv talk shows over the Christmas period - all of the questions to the celebrities were basically asking them about other celebrities. The stories themselves were extremely boring but they were communicated and received as fascinating just because it involved famous people. I had a title 'all your friends are famous' in my phone for a couple of years and because I’ve always found the sycophantry of celebrity interesting and irritating in equal measure. It was a coincidence because Alan had suggested writing a song about the concept of fame, so it was a good fit. Alan and I discussed the hierarchical nature of the music business. The way if you haven't got 10000 followers and a blue tick you will be mostly ignored by people on social media if you ever reach out to them- the quality of your music is irrelevant in that world. As ever with our stuff we tried to do it in a gently poking fun way with Alan tempering my little resentments writing sarcastically from the point of view of a socialite celebrity.”
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