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Your Yorkshire Creative Corner | Jesse Bannister - Musician, Composer and Producer

Your Yorkshire recently launched a ‘Creative Corner’ to provide a platform for your creations. Are you a painter, poet, musician or maker? If you’d like to be featured, email live@leedslocal.tv.

Jesse Bannister is a Portfolio Musician with over 30 years experience in the entertainment and music industry. Jesse has collaborated with local, national and international artists and organisations and his work is the result of 25 years of investment from Yorkshire based organisations, national funders and international creative platforms, where a dedicated and responsible approach to legacy has made Jesse an invaluable leader in the Yorkshire region and a valuable pioneering international export.

Jesse has been a resident composer for NPO funded BSDC for 8 years and was part of the company’s core work as composer and musician, engaging in all aspects of project management and delivery of the work. Commissions included 2012 Cultural Olympiad “Synchronised” featuring 100 musicians and later on a national tour.

Jesse is the world's leading Indian Saxophonist with extensive YouTube views (over 250k) on his music videos, a portfolio of recordings and he has undertaken annual international touring since 2005. He has worked alongside 4 Grammy Winners, Mercury Prize winner Talvin Singh and has been featured in the UK’s premier venues and festivals.

Many of Jesse’s projects have been supported with successful funding bids totaling over £200k including a recent DYCP project and G4A Sacred Spaces Multi Media RnD in 2017.

As a Performer and Composer, Jesse has worked within all levels of organizational structure; liaising with funding bodies, venues, festival creators, audiences, marketing executives, publishers, record producers, recording industry professionals, touring managers, educational institutions and a vast international network of musicians and collaborators.

Jesse has completed over 100 major projects and reached over 2 million directly people across the world with his work. Jesse’s work encapsulates the atmosphere of a future creative space with a vision of benevolence, creative excellence and shared artistic intelligence.


When Jesse was 16 he went to London School of Design (LSD) to see an exhibition of his Dad’s furniture making. He saw new pianos being built and was hooked and bought his first piano. As a teenager he loved the piano music of Satie, DeBussey and Gurdjieff and in tune is a nod to their minimalistic mood compositions. It took Jesse twelve months to select the piano for In Tune and nine months of sound healing research to create a form for sound meditations on piano. As this all happened in lockdown, the modern day world was paused and the natural world was closer to us. Jesse heard the sounds and tunings of nature very clearly and he started tuning his piano with this in mind. It took an intense six months to discover a technique that allowed the piano to settle into this new yet ancient tuning system.

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