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BEYOND THE TARDIS: Frazer Hines talks Doctor Who role


Fans of Doctor Who will of course recognise our next interviewee as none other than ‘Jamie McCrimmon’ in the hit sci-fi show!

British actor, Frazer Hines played the role for three years between 1966-1969. Originally intended as a one-off guest character, Jamie joined the regular cast and appeared in the series from 1966 to 1969. Hines reprised the role in a cameo in the 20th anniversary serial The Five Doctors (1983) and as a guest star in The Two Doctors (1985). Hines would appear in 117 episodes of Doctor Who in all[5]—more than any other "companion" actor in the history of the series. The only actors appearing in more episodes are those who played the first four Doctors.

Upon deciding to leave the role, Frazer Hines and his fellow lead actors Patrick Troughton and Wendy Padbury (who played the Doctor's other companion Zoe Heriot) decided collectively that the workload of Doctor Who was exhausting them. Frazer was the first of the three to announce his intention to leave. Troughton asked him to stay a few more months, to the end of the sixth series, as this was when Troughton planned to relinquish his role. The three actors remained with the show until the conclusion of the final Season 6 serial The War Games (1969). In a documentary about Patrick Troughton, Hines reported that they all left with smiles on their faces, feeling that their job was done and that it was well done. Frazer attested that he remained in contact with Troughton afterward.

Hines went on to star as ‘Joe Sugden’ in Emmerdale and still features in Doctor Who audio stories to this day!

Local TV sat down with Frazer to discuss his role in the show.

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