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BOYZLIFE: Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy talk about the return of live events across the UK


LIVE EVENTS: For many of us, restrictions easing means a return to seeing incredible live events in some fantastic venues across the UK. For these two though, the excitement lies in being back on the stage, performing and doing what they do best!

Keith Duffy began his professional music career with the band Boyzone in 1993 and went on to have smash hits across the UK as the second most successful British boyband of all time. Most notable were songs such as ‘No Matter What’, ‘Picture of You’ and so many more.

Similarly, Brian McFadden started his own career in music with a famous Irish boyband too. As a member of Westlife, Brian will be remembered for hits such as ‘Uptown Girl’ and ‘Flying Without Wings’.

Now though,Keith and Brian are joining forces to become ‘Boyzlife’. They have already taken to the stage once again after the pandemic, performing at Wolverhampton's Relight Festival earlier in the month.

It’s not the only time they’ll be gracing the West Midlands stages though, audiences across the county will be treated once more to their upcoming performance at Birmingham Town Hall. The two Irish lads promised the event is set to be a big one those in the second city as it will be the first public performance at Town Hall for almost 18 months! Then, they’ll take their tour on the road heading to multiple locations across England and Wales.

Boyzone and Westlife – two of the biggest boybands to emerge from Ireland during the 90s, both manufactured in the Louis Walsh pop-factory, both charting numerous number ones.

More than two decades later, after sundry line-up changes and reunions, we have this: an album from Boyzone’s Keith Duffy and Westlife’s Brian McFadden.

Revisiting their respective triumphs is the order of the day.

Strings Attached, with its half-joke of a title, features orchestral versions of nine UK number one songs from their groups’ respective back catalogues, accompanied by the famed Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Undeniable classics like Flying Without Wings and Unbreakable benefit from an orchestral arrangement. Today Duffy is 45 and McFadden 40, and their fanbase has grown with them.

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