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DESTINATION BRADFORD: Join a live interactive podcast and celebrate the city’s Eastern European community

DESTINATION BRADFORD: Join a live interactive podcast and celebrate the city’s Eastern European community

Image: Bradford producing hub

'Destination Bradford Live Podcast Talkaoke' is an opportunity for Polish and Ukrainian immigrants living in the city to come together, exchange stories in a live conversation and co-create a unique archive on March 20th 2021.

Presented as a live, interactive podcast, Destination Bradford Talkaoke will feature a range of invited guests, ranging from first, second and third generation immigrants, and will look at what it means to be Eastern European living in the UK and how this has changed over the past hundred years.

Alongside the invited guests, there will also be an opportunity for listeners to call in and share their own experiences and become part of the wider conversation.

Presented by writer  Adam Hughes and Performer Margot Przymierska, the show will utilise the popular 'Talkaoke' format, which is an interactive talk-show that combines live in-person and online conversations.

The aim of the podcast is to give a voice to one of the city’s most prominent immigrant groups and celebrate their stories and history. The show will also be an opportunity to preserve their stories and create a living audio-visual archive, which will serve as a resource for future generations of Bradfordians and beyond.

The participants have free reign to decide on the subjects through-out the conversation. It can be a journey from one unexpected subject to another: from topical, funny, deep to surreal. The format is simple: the Host in the middle of the Talkaoke table keeps the conversation flowing and participants chime in with whatever subjects come to mind.

Destination Bradford is a free event, open to anyone who would like to share their personal story or who has an interest in the subject.

It will take place live on Zoom on Saturday 20th March from 12-2pm and will be streamed to Bradford Producing Hub Facebook.

For those who do not have access to Zoom, then you will also be able to join the conversation via phone.

If you are interested in joining please email: destinationbrad@gmail.com 

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