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IRON LADIES: 3 local ladies take on triathlon to raise money for Alzheimer’s Charity!

IRON LADIES: 3 local ladies take on triathlon to raise money for Alzheimer’s Charity!

Image: Janice Bamforth

We may be used to hearing talks of the 'Iron Man Triathlon', where elite athletes from all over the world compete to win a prize of half a million dollars, but Leeds has its very own 'Iron Ladies'.

Three local ladies are combining forces to complete their triathlon challenge in an attempt to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society!.

They have even nicknamed themselves and the team consists of:

Iron Lady 1 - "Poultry in Motion - As a lifetime member of the MPK (modern poultry keepers club) she has developed muscles worthy of the most elite of athletes. Combine that with years of experience watching her grandchildren take part in park runs,  and you can see why she was the obvious choice for the 10k marathon lap".

Iron Lady 2 - "Cachet’s nadadora - showed early promise in aquatics when she was awarded a medal for doing a star jump from a diving board as a child. More recently she has joined a group of “wild swimmers”submerging herself in frozen water while the rest of us were wallowing in a hot soapy bath. She has developed a style all her own, which pays tribute to the poet Stevie Smith, and a coastguard ad from the 1970s."

And Iron Lady 3 - "Spokeswoman- completing 40k on her (stationary) bike. Having cycled precisely twice since passing her cycling proficiency in 1968, she feels that she is now at the peak of her physical fitness, or in other words, it isn’t going to get any better... along with her cycling badge, she is also the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge."

Each member of the team has a personal reason for supporting the Alzheimer’s Society, and are grateful for any contribution to the cause.

So far they have excelled their target of £150 with an amazing £1,158!

To donate visit the Just Giving page: Here!



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