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TOP MOVIES 2021: The nations favourite films of 2021


TOP MOVIES 2021: The nations favourite films of 2021

Anyone fancy a film or two? We're counting down the best moments from the world of film from twenty twenty one.

Now so more than ever, for those of us who love movies, we're all a little more grateful when we can get to go to the cinema. Twenty twenty one was an absolutely fab year in the world of film - both for taking a trip to see the latest blockbuster, or enjoying from the comfort of your own sofa.

In terms of hype and build up for a film, you can't do much better than the latest instalment in the James Bond Franchise. We'd all be waiting with baited breath for this movie ANYWAY BUT the pandemic meant the wait was waaaay longer than any of us had hoped. It finally arrived though with quite the bang in twenty twenty one - scoring eighty four percent on rotten tomatoes.

Next up for best movie moments of the year - what's a film release without a bit of controversy to go along with it? House of Gucci tells the story of Patrizia Reggiani, an outsider from humble beginnings who marries into the Gucci family and is based on real life. The actual Gucci family didn't seem so happy with their portrayal - but audiences and lady gaga fans specifically still rated it.

It seems films based on real life events was the theme of twenty twenty one as the year also saw the realise of Spencer - with twilight actress Kristen Stewart playing the late royal Princess Diana.

And last but certainly not least, we saw the dawn of a new brand of hero. The Marvel Cinematic universe attempted to move on from its Avengers phase that spanned a generation - and the film industry made way for the eternals.

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